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Building a Movement: Community, Coaching and Accountability for Women

The mission of Trajectory Women is to provide top-notch career coaching for women by expert executive coaches within small groups of their peers. Our professional coaching groups have shown results in women’s careers through the community and accountability that our small group coaching provides.

Progress in your career with an expert career coach

While women continue to make progress with their increasing influence and leadership, more must be done to increase the pace of women’s progress. I recently came across an article in the Harvard Business Review about changing company culture.  It spoke to my ongoing desire to see greater progress for women’s leadership in their careers.  “We often think of movements as starting with a call to action. But movement research suggests that they actually start with emotion — a diffuse dissatisfaction with the status quo and a broad sense that the current institutions and power structures of the society will not address the problem. This brewing discontent turns into a movement when a voice arises that provides a positive vision and a path forward that’s within the power of the crowd.”

Why peer group career coaching works

I know from my past work building Emerge, (which offers training and networking to women who want to run for office and has over 1,000 alumnae currently serving in elected office) that women make rapid leaps in their career growth with the right combination of community, coaching, and accountability that small groups of women can provide each other.  That is at the core of Trajectory Women: peer group coaching with expert executive coaches.  

Our career coaching gets results

I’m moved on a daily basis with the rapid transformations that our members report. A member recently told me that she felt inspired by the women in her group to say “No” and delegate more to her staff.  She says it’s worked wonders for her and her team’s productivity.  Another woman was inspired to change roles to achieve a better work-life balance and be a more positive force at her company.  

“The women in my group were super engaged rockstars dealing with similar challenges in their career paths. Our coach was a great facilitator who guided the group and got the most out of everyone. Trajectory Women made me more aware of what’s important to me and how to achieve it. I also learned to say ‘no’ and delegate, which has worked wonders.” 

Tracy Barba, Executive Director at 500 Startups 

These transformations happen quickly, often within 6 months.  I’m now growing our programs to accommodate more women so more women can optimize their careers for the impact they want to create. 

Why choose Trajectory Women as your career coach

Trajectory Women fills a gap in the marketplace for women’s peer group coaching. Other career coaching groups for women are not open to or affordable for anyone but the most senior executives. To increase the pace of women’s progress, we need support for mid-career women who are talented, ambitious and ready for the next leap. At Trajectory, we have found the combination of very senior women and younger rising stars creates a powerful experience for all. We know that talent is everywhere and we’re here for it. 


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