“The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet.”

— Adrienne Rich


All women have the community, coaching and tools that they need to achieve their biggest ambitions and desire for impact.


To build a sustainable movement that increases women’s power and influence across all sectors.

Why Trajectory?

Trajectory Women was founded on the deep understanding of the power of bringing women together to help them achieve ambitious goals of greater leadership, impact and mastery.

Our founder has created several platforms that have already helped change the face of leadership in angel investing and elected office. Her previous successes have shown that women can make astonishingly big leaps with the right coaching, community, feedback, reflection, accountability and sustained effort.

Trajectory’s coaching offers a proven solution for increased engagement, productivity and retention that will advance women’s careers.


“I’m a big believer in peer group coaching and I love helping women advance in their careers. I see how Trajectory Women powers the rapid transformation and growth for each member. And, it’s amazing to see how the women support one another in realizing their goals.”

Laine Joelson Cohen,
Executive Coach at Trajectory Women and Global Head of Learning – HR, Citi

What We Offer

Trajectory provides executive coaching to small cohorts of women, who gather virtually monthly.

Part 1


We’ll help you set a concrete goal and action plan — to build skills, improve key relationships or take your next career step.

Part 2


  • Meet 2x/month by video with a coach and 8-10 peers.
  • Review progress and workshop your challenges.
  • Get and give advice and support.
Part 3


Choose a partner from your group and check-in with them between monthly group coaching sessions to help you stay on track.

Part 4


Tell your coach how it’s going — by text, email or filling out a short survey. What’s working, what’s hard, what help do you need?

Our sessions will help you master these important leadership skills: Values, Courage, Influence, Personal Brand, Negotiation, Productivity, Focus, Motivation, Communication, Self-Management and Managing Teams.

Our Values


Accelerating professional growth

We help women gain clarity and direction on how to optimize and accelerate their careers.


Building purposeful relationships

We support our members to build and leverage close relationships with other women, who are committed to helping each other with crisp, clear intentionality.


Performance Cycle

We believe in an ongoing cycle of goal-setting, feedback, reflection and refinement.


Commitment to changing the face of leadership

We promote the professional advancement of diverse women who are motivated to increase their impact and that of other women to build a better, more inclusive world.